Terms and Conditions

We appreciate your business. The purpose of this section is to familiarize you with our warranties, shipping policies, your rights and ours.


Normally, any particular service holds a 6 months parts, 90 days labor warranty. In some cases, circumstances exist where this may be different (for example, repairs on some tablet and specialty PC’s.) The customer has the right to inquire about specific warranty terms before authorizing the repair. All written estimates and invoices may be requested to state the correct warranty coverage for each individual application. New computer systems usually have longer warranties, and vary by application. In most cases, laptops are 1 year and desktops are 2 year parts, 1 year labor. Warranty claims will be addressed by repair or replacement of the faulty equipment. Refunds may only be given once we have decided repair and/or replacement of your equipment will not be adequate (eg. lemon units). In cases of malware removal, we will remove all virus and spyware infections contracted within 30 days of the repair for no charge. Between 30-90 days, we will do so if the malware is a repeat of the initial infection. This is contingent upon the customer utilizing an approved security program. In cases of physical repairs, all returns will be examined for signs of liquid, power, and impact damage. We cannot be responsible for damage caused by weather or human factors. Warranties go into effect from the date of the invoice, NOT the date the equipment is picked up. In the event warranty service is required, we request the customer to notify us promptly, and send/bring the unit to us directly for the issue to be diagnosed & resolved. If a unit has been serviced by another establishment, there will be no warranty without prior approval. Warranties will not be honored on any late accounts.


Used equipment normally carries no warranty unless stated otherwise. Returns & exchanges of used equipment are at the sole discretion of the manager on duty. If accepted, returns of non-faulty equipment within a 30-day time period will be charged a 20% restocking fee. We cannot accept returns for used equipment over 30 days old under any circumstances.


We cannot be responsible for any loss or damage caused to your items during shipping. This includes incoming and outgoing orders. All of our shipments are packed safely, checked, and insured with a trusted carrier. We recommend insuring your outgoing shipments. Claims are the responsibility of the customer, and we will fully comply with all requests from customers and carriers. In the rare case of a warranty return, the customer is only responsible for shipping costs to the facility.


When an order is first received and first completed, multiple efforts will be made to contact customers using all the means they have provided. However, the rare case exists where the customer cannot be reached for weeks at a time. When 60 days from the arrival date or completion date with no contact or payment have passed, we take it as a sign the customer has lost interest or changed their mind. At this point, the system may be scrapped or sold. Also, the hard drive will be cleared of all personal data no matter the case.


We appreciate your business. Payment is normally due upon completion of a service. Some clients may need to be billed for a service (or to bill a third party) instead of paying immediately upon completion. However, this will require a valid backup credit card under all circumstances. Payment by check or cash must then be received within 15 days from date of invoice. For managed routine support, volume repair or scheduled maintenance plan inquiries, please inquire. No mail-in orders will be shipped out until payment is received. Accounts over 30 days late will be charged a 3% service fee, compounded monthly. Accounts over 90 days late will be addressed civilly or referred to collections. Returned checks will be charged a $25.00 bank fee in addition to the check’s original amount. Parties will receive a phone call and a certified letter of warning prior to having a warrant sworn out for the bad check. No warranties will be honored, nor can any new service calls be generated on late accounts. Virginia customers must pay 5.3% sales tax on all parts.


Most orders are able to be completely processed within 3-6 business days. When expedited service is requested, we will do our best to meet a 1-3 business day turnaround. Although we do our best, we cannot promise these turnaround times for every circumstance. Normal orders are performed with cost savings in mind, while with rush orders our focus is to provide the fastest turnaround possible. More time will be spent on rush orders, and any parts needed will be rush shipped. This normally results in a higher cost. Our advertised $60.00 diagnostic fee does not apply to rush orders. We may elevate a normal order to a rush order at any time without notice if we sense the customer is in a hurry (example: multiple phone calls seeking status updates the same day or next day after an order is dropped off).


Certain qualifying individuals and institutions are eligible for a flat, 10% discount on all labor performed on any service. Qualifying individuals include: Senior citizens, active duty military, police fire, or rescue personnel, and full-time students ages 18 and older. Individuals must request the discount in order to receive it. Qualifying institutions include: Churches, non-profit organizations with fewer than 25 employees, K-12 public & private academic institutions, and private universities with under 5,000 full-time enrolled students.


Upon both parties signing an initial work order, we, Top Notch Group LLC, agree to physically and virtually guard your equipment and data to the fullest extent possible. Any customer or patient information encountered during our working relationship is for diagnostic purposes only, and will be treated as confidential. The same goes for our employees, contractors, and any involved associates. Under no circumstances will your personal, company or patient data be moved, sold, or sent anywhere without permission from our client.


By engaging in any business involvements with Top Notch Group, with or without a contract, you understand and agree that Top Notch Group LLC, its owners, employees, subsidiaries, or other interested parties will not be civilly liable for any inconveniences or damages relating to or caused by our services rendered. This includes physical & intellectual property loss or damage, personal injury, and loss of income. It is the customer’s responsibility to comply with all local, state, and federal tax laws.

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