Cloud Computing

Most IT providers have long resisted the gradual transition of many computing resources to the almighty “cloud.” Many of our clients have asked us questions such as, “Should we move to the cloud?”, or “Are we in the cloud?” Truth be told, most consumers and business leaders have never been properly taught on these matters or what that even means; In fact, “cloud computing” can mean many different things these days. While it is not our position to offer judgments on whether a cloud-based computing model is the right direction for your business, we are here to lend our insight and expertise when it comes to all things cloud.

So what does cloud computing mean, exactly? Software suites, email systems, storage, backups, and VoIP phone systems can all be in the cloud nowadays; In fact, entire companies’ network infrastructures can reside partially or completely in the cloud! If a cloud business model is the right choice for your organization, we are here to help you make or maintain the transition. The majority of our team is 100% trained and well-versed in how to work with all major cloud computing platforms. Did you know that almost ANY computing environment or network can be migrated to the cloud, even if it wasn’t designed for it? Deploying and navigating Infrastructure-as-a-Service platforms has been one of our longtime strengths.

It’s important to note that not every organization who has been sold on cloud computing models is satisfied with their choice. When that is the case, we are always ready and willing to migrate your organization back to on-premises centered infrastructure All while retaining the elements of cloud “convenience,” like the low, predictable costs and easy remote access.