Meet the Team


Alexandra, Operations Coordinator.

It’s important to us that all of our clients feel at ease. One of the main reasons they do is because whenever they call us during business hours, their call is almost always answered by a real person. And that’s all because of this gal. Sam is tasked with answering the phones, emails, and assisting walk-in clients in our offices. Even with averaging over 100 incoming phone calls a day, she still has time to assist clients remotely, manage our techs’ schedules, & accept incoming work orders. Don’t be fooled-Sam is much more than an office manager. She is also well versed in the technical aspects of everything we do, which means she can answer many of your inquiries himself without transferring you or making you sit on hold.

Alex is one of our newest team additions. She got her start on the front desk shortly after graduating from the University of Virginia. Alex’s interests include cats (hard to believe she only has 1!), baking, body art, and fitness.

Anthony, Sr. Engineer

A valued asset to the team, Anthony maintains a broad, comprehensive knowledge of all our clients. Before his career at Top Notch, Anthony had worked in both academic and retail tech support. With his retail experience comes a unique perspective towards customer service-clients really love working with him. Tony also holds a degree in InfoSys, which means he really knows his way around modern networks.

Tony enjoys skiing, going to outdoor music festivals, and loves saving the planet by driving small hybrid cars.

Brandon, Corporate Services

After spending about a decade in DC-area corporate IT, Brandon settled down in the Shenandoah Valley and joined the Top Notch team as a senior help desk specialist. Now an authority in both corporate networking applications and simple support, Brandon is considered a pleasure to work with by his colleagues and clients.

Brandon enjoys volunteering with his church whenever possible, and also loves weekend outdoor activities such as disc golf.

Christian, Principal

When Christian was 19 years old, he started a part-time computer business out of his basement apartment in Richmond. Not the ideal stage in life for starting your own business, but Christian has always loved to work hard and stay busy. Almost 20 years later, he's still working overtime leading one of the most talented IT groups in the region. As the Great Recession pummeled our economy, smaller tech businesses were some of the hardest to be hit. During this time, Christian was hiring and expanding. A product of working-class Northwest Detroit, Christian knows firsthand what it’s like to live and work within a budget, making the most of resources at hand. His cross-industry experience in the academic world, automotive industry, and public sector proves invaluable time and time again when it comes to solving problems and making things happen.

Christian enjoys the outdoors, playing string instruments, tinkering with cars, skiing, country music, and spending time with his wife & 6 cats.

Garnett, Sr. Engineer

A very qualified & accomplished hardware and network specialist, Garnett is often able to troubleshoot problems and implement solutions without ever leaving the office. For the hands-on jobs, Garnett travels to customer’s sites to assess, troubleshoot, install, repair, upgrade and more. Complex problems are welcome challenges for Garnett-although one of our youngest team members, he is an asset to the staff when it comes to elevated troubleshooting matters.

Garnett signed on with Top Notch immediately after obtaining his bachelors degree from VCU, and has been with us ever since. His interests include brewing specialty coffee recipes, collecting mechanical keyboards, computer gaming, and the great outdoors.

Jaron, Sr. Engineer

From managing large projects to dissecting laptops, Jaron is perhaps our most versatile engineer. Whether he is hand-building systems or managing remote sites and servers, Jaron is an expert in all things IT. He takes the meaning of hard work and professionalism to a whole new level, and you can really tell he likes what he does. He routinely seems to put in more time on the job than anyone else on the team. Many clients ask for him by name, and you will soon understand why.

Jaron enjoys the great outdoors, bears and all. He also builds and races cars in his spare time. Jaron continues to dabble in his interest of all things history related. He is a native of central Virginia.

John, Installation & Electrical

An accomplished computer specialist, scientist, logistics manager, and general handyman. John helps us fill a variety of internal and external needs. His cross-platform knowledge of technology, structured wiring, electrical, and construction allows us to oversee and complete large projects that other firms would partially outsource. We welcome his small-town approach to solving large-world problems.

In his spare time, he likes to travel, work on his cars, and is always cooking in the kitchen. Customers have referred to him as “the most interesting person you will ever meet”.

Marques, Systems & Software Specialist

Our most recent addition to the team, Marques has filled a well-needed void by simply being able to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. His experience stands out when it comes to the the most cutting-edge technologies-cloud & virtualized environments are particular interests of his. His computer troubleshooting and people skills are also spot-on. Marques is a welcome resource to clients and staff alike.

Marques is from Richmond, and has recently settled down in Charlottesville with his family. In addition to spending time with his wife & daughter, he enjoys the traditional hobbies that all IT people do, such as gaming.

Mckaylenn, Chief Financial Officer

Tech-savvy accountants are hard to come by. In addition to keeping our finances in check, Mckaylenn can often assist clients with internal accounting software matters in addition to maintaining the software’s IT platform. She is one of two managers also fully trained as a tech specialists, and oversees day to day operations around our main office. Sales and customer service are also strong points of hers.

Mckaylenn and her husband live in the Charlottesville area with their 3 dogs. She enjoys cooking, pool, and throwing wild football parties!

Mike, Sr. Engineer

Almost a 40 year veteran of the tech industry, Mike has played a large role in roping many of America’s financial & manufacturing giants into the 21st century. Having spent large amounts of time as both a corporate employee and independent contractor, Mike is as good at working with customers and staff as he is at working with technology. Mike is proficient in virtually all current local & web-based development platforms, as well as databases. His experience also makes him one of the best for working through fast-paced, high-stress environments. Also an accomplished electrical & mechanical engineer, Mike can often take on responsibilities that 3 or 4 entry level techs would have a hard time fulfilling.

Mike enjoys classical music, travel, German cars, spending time with his wife, and watching public TV.

Samantha, Systems & Software Specialist

Sam started out at Top Notch at the front desk after obtaining her degree from Virginia Tech. Her love for technology and knack for fixing things has now brought her to pursue a more serious career working with machines and assisting clients all day long. A very well-rounded tech, Sam is great at everything from simple repairs to commercial email setups. She’s also great at training clients on how to use their tech.

Sam is a lifetime resident of the Charlottesville area. Her interests include dancing, fashion, visiting wineries, and driving around in her new Volvo.

Van, Chief Operations Officer

An excellent resource for both clients and staff, Van helps to ensure everything around the office and out in the field runs smoothly. With a background in EMS & dispatching, Van handles critical time sensitive scenarios & logistics with ease. He is also very understanding, patient, and thorough when it comes to training clients on technical aspects of their setups. Always out in the community scoping out jobs and meeting new people, Van is considered by some to be the “face of the company.”

Van continues to volunteer with his fire company in his spare time. He also likes to travel, camp, and build computers for fun.

Will, Sr. Engineer

Boasting one of the most qualified backgrounds of the area’s IT personnel, Will brings efficiency, professionalism, and cyber security to a whole new level. Spending most of his time on the road, he mainly services our routine contract & maintenance clients. Servers, commercial mail systems, networking appliances, and cloud infrastructure are among his many specialties. Will completed his B.S in C.I.S. from ODU, then served as an computer engineer in the Navy before working IT in the medical field. Will is elated to have joined a team where his prior knowledge is appreciated by all, and used on a daily basis.”

Will and his wife have settled down in Central Virginia with their two dogs, friends, and family. It is rumored that his house resembles a mad scientist’s lair, lined floor to ceiling with crazy IT projects.